RZ-LABs, is an ingredient brand, offering its partners an optimised combination of our patented platform technology, our unique generative design capabilities and our in-house prototyping and testing facilities. This results in highly-integrated solutions developed to improve impact protection, offermore support or to enhance established brand values. RZ-LABs believes performance in almost every sport could be improved if energy were being controlled better.

Support from concept to product
Customization development of material formula. Initial concept developed using generative design. Rapid prototyping, testing and design optimisation including FEA modelling. Testing of fully-validated, final production part, ensuring parts meet or exceed required CE standards.
State of-the-art test facilities
A new way of talking about dealing with defferent kinds of energy Optimising ‘energy control’ through smart and iterative design Applications from sports bras to American football gear and motocycle crash helmets
Integrated Solutions
Offering our IP portfolio to improve your products Integration through brand partnerships Customised design resulting in fully-tested and validated parts